E-Juice, Vape Juice, and Vaping? Different Term, Same Great Taste

What do you think when you have urge to quit smoking? Some people can quit smoking by having chewing gum that contains nicotine, some people just hold the desire and then eat candy instead of smoking and more. Now, it seems different as now many people have turned to the current trend of smoking that they don’t need real cigarette and use vape instead. The main reason why vape is favorite thing is that it has various flavors that cigarette does not have it. We might be able to say that it could be a hundred flavors of vape or even more.

The flavors include the basic flavor and the mixture. The only problem when people try to taste vape is about how to differ e-juice, vape & vaping. Actually there is no such big different or even there is no difference at all between them. They are just the same term that represents vape or electronic vaporizer that turns liquid into cloud.

The reason why it is named e-juice is because of the taste is like fruit juice or other juice. You can choose fruit taste on your vape with e-juice. It stands for electronic juice where the liquid of vape comes from the juice taste like appel, banana, watermelon, lime, and more mixtures from fruit and other taste like coffee or others.

Vape juice is same with e-juice, it is just the matter of term that you cannot see the difference and it is just about the taste. While, vaping term represents for the activity to consume vape juice. Although there are many terms about e-juice or vape, you don’t need to be confused as it is just the matter of term, but it is still same. All you have to do is just to try them and tell us how it feels to have various taste in your vape.