When Caring Counts

Two things come to mind when a client thinks of Heather Smith with Los Gatos Family Law Offices; expertise and heart. Heather Smith is undoubtedly an expert in family law and business. She has proven time and time again, Los Gatos Family Law and herself are one of the toughest litigation teams in four counties. Whether beginning or ending a marriage, Heather is empathetic to your stress.

Heather Smith has found Los Gatos Family Law Offices to be a caring firm. It is not all about the money the office makes, it is more about taking care of you. Caring entails not only winning. Caring is ensuring the comfort and compassion you always feel while Heather Smith is fighting your fight. Heather fights hard. Heather fights to win. Heather always remembers how you feel is important, too.

Heather Smith fights for you in the four counties of Santa Clara, San Mateo, Alameda, and Santa Cruz; she is also available in other counties by agreement. She specializes in many areas of Family Law and Business for you. Pre-nuptial agreements, and post-nuptial agreements are handled with delicacy and the care they deserve. Divorce and legal separations are both swift and driven. She understands divorce is difficult on both parties. She understands how important it is nothing is left to chance. Heather gets to every painful question with patience and understanding. Then fighting for everything you deserve.

In Business Law, Heather Smith fights with the same vigor. Yet, she never forgets compassion. It is never forgotten how difficult the decision can be when suing an employer or company you had loyalties. It hurts when the company you believed had your back has let you down. It is difficult to swallow being let down. Heather Smith of Los Gatos Family Law understands this feeling. You will also be represented by an attorney who will fight for you and your rights.

Interstate and International family matters also are not taken lightly by the attorney. Heather has seen how devastating it is when one parent is facing a child being taken out of the reach of a parent. It is heart breaking; she understands. Heather will do everything the law allows to fight for the return of the child or children.

When a company is compensating a Chief Executive Officer, or other executive, she navigates the separation in an equitable means. She understands there are many ways to make all parties happy. This can often mean an out of the box methodology which brings a larger number to both parties, leaving both the company and executive better off.

When considering an attorney, one should always consider attorney at law, Heather Smith of Los Gatos Family Law. This attorney not only fights for you and your family, and company, but she honestly cares. You deserve an attorney that cares. You deserve an attorney who fights. You deserve an attorney who wins. You deserve an expert. You deserve an attorney with heart.

You deserve Heather Smith and Los Gatos Family Law.