Sony’s Main Audio Products Feature Wireless Features

In addition to the camera, PlayStation and television, Sony has also been known for some time as brand audio that continues to faithfully launch new products.

At the end of 2017, Sony brought a group of personal audio devices. For collections up to a year later, Sony seems focused on wireless audio technology.

Even if the seven products that Sony presented, three of them are part of the 1000X series, a premium series that also has noise cancellation technology. Each series represents three different styles of use.

First, it is in the form of headphones with the WH-1000XM2 series. This WH series is a series of improvements to the MDR-1000X series from last year. You can look at the physical form that is identical to the button on the skin.

However, this time Sony chose to use genuine leather upholstery instead of the synthetic leather used in the previous series.

In summary, this last series brings several additional features. As support for dedicated applications called Headphones Connect for detailed settings on noise cancellation, atmospheric pressure optimization, fast charging (15 minutes = 70 minutes of playback, full = 30 hours), as well as settings for equalization and surround sound.

With a complementary application called Headphones Connect that can be downloaded for free in the Play Store or App Store, users can control noise cancellation as needed.

Nicholas continued with this application, the level of noise cancellation can be set when the user is in the room or even outdoors to continue listening to the music.

“Typically, the user will maximize noise cancellation when working in the room so as not to interfere with surrounding noise. But when outdoors – on the road, for example – they can be configured to allow a little outside noise in order not to lower your guard, for example, when crossing. ”

Headphones Connect applications use accelerometer sensors on connected phones to detect user activity and automatically adjust music and audio settings to suit the environment.

It can be said that the optimization of atmospheric pressure is also the most exclusive feature of the headphones for Rp5, 999 million of this.

When traveling by plane, there will be pressure changes in the ears due to changes in atmospheric pressure levels. With this function,  the noise canceling the function of WH-1000XM2 will be able to automatically adjust the changes so that the noise reduction remains maximum.

The second is the WI-1000X that is present in the form of a necklace. This series is more compact because it has the shape of a headset that goes to the hole in the ear.

With up to 10 hours of resistance, the WI-1000X has two controllers, the BA controller (Balanced Armature) and Dynamic Rich Balance. Sony said that with these two controllers, listeners could hear the sound of course bass without sacrificing other sounds, such as the clarity of the vocal sound. Also, the WI-1000X will vibrate when there is an incoming call to the user’s phone.

It is sold for $270, at the end of the collar, there is a lateral line that can be a cable he hooked place. The objective is not another so that this cable does not get tangled when it is not in use.

The last of the premium series is WF-1000X. A product that means that Sony finally got into the wireless design completely. Like Apple AirPods and Samsung IconX Gear, the WF-1000X has a separate design between the left and right ear units.

Still, with noise cancellation function, the product has a price of Rp2,499 million is demanded to have a battery life of up to three hours, with storage box – which also has a function as POWERBANK – were able to fill the two units to full twice.

Sony helped update the conventional Extra Bass (mainstream) that focuses on the characteristics of large bass. There are series MDR-XB950N1 and MDR-XB950B1 in the form of wireless headphones, and MDR-XB550AP with cable.

Fill the most affordable wireless segment, there is also the WI-C400 series that carries the design as the WI-1000X but has a young character. Sophisticated features, call it NFC One Touch that allows connection to the phone in one touch and vibration if there is an incoming phone, also present in the product has a price Rp899 thousand.

Some of the new products mentioned above will be available at Sony Center stores offline and online stores beginning in December 2017.

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